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1905 - 1989

1905 - 1989

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Books by Robert Penn Warren

*NOTE-- Photo courtesy of Mrs. Robert D. Frey. Permission for use is required.

 Tell me a story.
 In this century, and moment, of mania,
Tell me a story.

 Make it a story of great distances, and starlight.

 The name of the story will be Time,
But you must not pronounce its name.

"Audubon": Copyright 1969 by Robert Penn Warren--
Reprinted by permission of William Morris Agency, Inc. on
behalf of Author 



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NOTE--This is, as the heading to this page instructs, a selected listing. A complete and total listing of Warren's works would require much more space than this web site permits. Not all of his essays are listed nor poems published as broadsides and in anthologies, recordings by Warren, nor other written works well worth reading. For a complete bibliography thru 1979 you are directed to Robert Penn Warren: A Descriptive Bibliography 1922-1979 by James A. Grimshaw (1981) University Press of Virginia. We look forward to the forthcoming bibliography by Mr. Grimshaw, with Jonathan Eller, covering the works of Warren and about Warren through 1996.



Night Rider, Houghton, (1939)

At Heaven's Gate, Harcourt, (l943)

All the King's Men, Harcourt, (1946), (Pulitzer Prize)

World Enough and Time, Random House, (1950)

Band of Angels, Random House, (1955)

The Cave, Random House, (1959)

Wilderness: A Tale of the Civil War, Random House, (1961)

Flood: A Romance of Our Time, Random House, (1964)

Meet Me in the Green Glen, Random House, (1971)

A Place to Come To, Random House, (1977)



Thirty-six Poems, Alcestis Press, (1936)

Eleven Poems on the Same Theme, New Directions, (1942)

Selected Poems: 1923-1943, Harcourt, (1944)

Brother to Dragons: A Tale in Verse and Voices, Random House, (1953), (Book Length)

Brother to Dragons: A Tale in Verse and Voices--A New Version, Random House, (1979), (Book Length)

Promises: Poems 1954-1956, Random House, (1957), (Pulitzer Prize)

You, Emperors, and Others: Poems 1957-1960, Random House, (1960)

Selected Poems: New and Old, 1923-1966, Random House, (1966)

Incarnations: Poems 1966-1968, Random House, (1968)

Audubon: A Vision, Random House, (1969) (Book Length)

Or Else: Poem/Poems 1968-1974, Random House, (1974)

Selected Poems: 1923-1976, Random House, (1977)

Now and Then: Poems 1976-1978, Random House, (1978), (Pulitzer Prize)

Being Here: Poetry 1977-1980, Random House, (1980)

Rumor Verified: Poems 1979-1980, Random House, (1981)

Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce, Random House, (1983), (Book Length)

New & Selected Poems: 1923-1985, Random House, (1985)



The Circus in the Attic, and Other Stories, Harcourt, (1947)

Blackberry Winter, Cummington Press, (1946)



Understanding Poetry (with Cleanth Brooks), Holt, (1938), 4th edition, (1976)

Understanding Fiction (with Cleanth Brooks), Crofts, (1943), 2nd Edition, Appleton-Century -Crofts, (1959)

Fundamentals of Good Writing - A Handbook of Modern Rhetoric (with Cleanth Brooks), Harcourt, (1950), 2nd edition published under original title, 1958, 4th edition, (1979)

American Literature: The Makers and the Making (with Cleanth Brooks and R.W.B. Lewis), St. Martin's, (1974)



Remember the Alamo, Random House, (1958)

The Gods of Mount Olympus, Random House, (1959)

How Texas Won Her Freedom, San Jacinto Museum of History, (1959)



All the King's Men: A Play(1960)



Homage to Theodore Dreiser, On the Centennial of His Birth, Random House, (1971)

John Greenleaf Whittier's Poetry: An Appraisal and a Selection, University of Minnesota Press, (1971)

Selected Essays, Random House, (1958). 

Portrait of a Father, University Press of Kentucky, (1988)

Jefferson Davis Gets His Citizenship Back, University Press of Kentucky, (1980)

New and Selected Essays, Random House, (1989)



Segregation: The Inner Conflict in the South, Random House, (1956)

The Legacy of the Civil War: Meditations on the Centennial, Random House, (1961)

Who Speaks for the Negro, Random House, (1965)



John Brown: The Making of a Martyr, Payson & Clarke, (1929), Reprinted, Scholarly Press, (1970)



A Robert Penn Warren Reader, Random House, (1987)


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