Kent Greenfield: Boys of Summer

Kent Greenfield

Here is Kent Greenfield, of the New York Giants, the most brilliant newcomer among Major League hurlers

Last Season's Most Sensational Pitching Find

    How Young Greenfield of the New York Giants Developed Amazing Speed With His Deceptive Overhand Delivery and Became the Most Successful Pitching Rooky of 1925

    By John J. Ward

Note: The clippings hereon are taken from a family scrapbook. In some cases sources are unknown. The sources, where known, are given. Clippings shown on this site and many others are available for viewing at the Robert Penn Warren Birthplace, Guthrie, Kentucky. For more information click here.

Note:  The above article was written by Ed Sullivan who later gained fame with the Ed Sullivan Show on television. It appeared in the New York Graphic, July 25, 1925.

The letter to the left was written by Kent Greenfield offering his thanks to Todd County Judge W. S. Jones and fellow Todd Countians. The two clippings are self-explanatory. In the publication of the letter in the Todd County Standard, the county newspaper, Hugh Poland is mentioned also. Hugh Poland was from Guthrie, Kentucky and played, like Greenfield, for the New York Giants although years after Greenfield's career in baseball had ended. The ballpark, located in Elkton, County Seat of Todd County Kentucky, still stands and operates. For more on Hugh Poland's baseball playing career click here.